The Artist

Twisted Roots Art

The Artist

I never planned to become an artist.  A self-taught artist nonetheless, I began painting in acrylics as a hobby during the tail end of high school.  Acrylics to me was a forgiving medium, which made it comfortable for an unexperienced artist. After an extended break for all art things related, 2012 took me for a new turn and I was hooked.  I found that painting it allows me to create beauty out of a boring and dull life. The fluid medium mixes in exciting and often surprising ways on the paper and lets me express the fine details that stir in my mind.

As my love for art grew so did my hunger to explore in other mediums. Over the years I added photography and computer graphics into my portfolio.

When one person asked me, “Where does your art come from-it seems so dark?”, completely taken off guard the questions fermented for days.

I learned that an artist is not necessarily someone who has studied art, but one who has something to say, and the courage to say it. I learned that an artist is someone who makes art to save her life, and that’s exactly what I am doing. I have the courage to bring my demons and struggles into a vison and bring the beauty out of the strength that I have to fight them every day.

 Art is not a hobby anymore, but more like a “take two with a full glass of water daily”.

I am Twisted Roots Art.